Just a little word

Just a little word

As many of you know we have recently returned from a road trip to Queensland and back. For me it was a time to step back from my business for a little while and reconnect with my family.

Just before we left I was watching some workshop videos and there was one line that resonated with me, so much so that it was on replay in my head during the long stretches of road we were travelling....as women we need to exist in photos.

It really hit home, as much as I love being behind the camera capturing memories for you guys to treasure I hadn't been great at existing in photos with my own family. We have thousands of photos of our children, hubby and kids but very few with me. Exist in photos.

How often do you hide from the camera? When was the last time you had photos with your loved ones? So with this in mind I took every opportunity to step in front of the camera during our holiday.

So, my little piece of advice for anyone hesitating about booking their own family portraits, - do it now, do it for your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. They won't see the imperfections, they will see their Mum, the woman they love. Print your photos, be proud of them. Don't wait until you are perfect - you already are! We can all have photos to prove that we were here, we were together and we were happy

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