Summer Sunsets

Summer Sunsets

I LOVE location sessions! Especially when they are held at the perfect time of day (about an hour before sunset). Gorgeous soft golden light makes for stunning photos. For some families when I reccomend the evening for a shoot they cringe, it is dinner time/bedtime for young ones. But really, one night with a little planing to have some beautiful memories...for me it was worth it! I called of the services of my Mum to come along with us as my hubby was working and I needed an extra pair of eyes on our 4yo son while we were near the water. We planned a picnic dinner and headed off. With full tummies and a couple of treats the kids were happy to oblige for some photos - we planned this shoot for some Australia Day photos, these shots were a bonus!

Being a photographer and a Mum I know how much effort goes into getting your family organised for a portrait session. My own two children suffer from PCS (Photographer's Child Syndrom), they have had so many photo shoots our eldest groans when I suggest another! My children know all of my tricks - ALL OF THEM. Some days I just give up, other days I offer a bribe. Yes, I know I'm a bad mum! I spend my days creating incredible memories for other families and there are times when I just would love to create something beautiful for our family. Children grow so fast, I know everyone says it but it is true. When did my little girl grow into this gorgeous young woman?

Maddison - 14 years

Grantville VIC

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